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“WORK” is not a dirty four-letter word ending in “k”…but can actually be a major source of one’s satisfaction in life.  There are the extremes: the “workaholic” and the diminished worker who is uninspired, just going through the motions to pull down a paycheck.  Neither behavior is in the best interest of the worker, their families, co-workers…or even their employers.  We are fortunate in this country and in this age to have the luxury of many career choices, as opposed to many countries of the world that primarily relegate their people to employing the bulk of their days just finding sustenance.  Necessity dictates their choices.  Our choices, however, can lead us into one of the aforementioned syndromes.  If we and our organizations can discover and engage our unique mixture of gifts and abilities, such revelations can lead to higher job satisfaction, productivity and cohesion.  Respecting the unique design (makeup) of each individual is an indispensable core value from which a balanced work foundation will be built.