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It is an interesting concept to think of “status” as “active standing” when we generally think of standing as being somewhat inert, powerless. However, any entrepreneur can tell you that there are seasons when it takes all that you have to be able to stand in the face of adversity, discouragement, failed strategies, dashed hopes. Every now and again we entrepreneurs need to assess where we stand in the entrepreneurial community. Especially the person considering a step into self-employment needs to consider, seriously, the rigors of becoming a novitiate entrepreneur before making huge investments of time and money. As with every calling in life, there are rigors and unspoken rules that may not be readily discerned by the inexperienced novice. But, there is good news! Most established business owners are very willing to share their stories of progress (and set-backs) through their entrepreneurial journey. One could look at these veterans as students, followers or disciples of others who have learned the ways of the entrepreneur.  Even gang-bangers have employed the brutal techniques of “jumping in” their “novitiates” to let them know the cost of being part of their identity. While entrepreneurship has largely been regarded as an endeavor reserved for the “survival of the fittest”, there is much to be said for the impartation of knowledge and experience willingly provided by more mature “disciples” to the “novitiates”.  It is not as brutal as a gang “jump-in” but the reality checks provided by mature business owners can help reduce the number of failed start-ups while encouraging the “fittest” to press forward toward their dreams. For the aspiring entrepreneur: take a little time to find some mentors who have “been there and done that” before you try to get that loan, borrow money or cash in your 401K. Doing so will only secure your entrepreneurial status to stand where others have faltered.