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Philosopher Os Guinness explains an entrepreneur as a “person who assumes the responsibility for a creative task, not as an assigned role, a routine function, or an inherited duty, but as a venture of faith, including risk and danger, in order to bring into the world something new and profitable to humankind.”   We are all called to be entrepreneurs of life which is evidenced by our uniqueness with which we were all designed.  As we grow into adulthood, many of us depart from the creativity of our uniqueness and settle for the security of the “routine”.  Individuals need to be challenged to discover their unique design and giftedness which is to be used for the benefit, not only of self, but of others.  Living by the edict, “Don’t try not to be who you are” will bring to the forefront the entrepreneurial spirit needed to establish new start-up businesses and grow existing businesses -whether for profit or non-profit organizations.  Bringing value to one’s family, community and employers can also be expressed as one having an entrepreneurial mindset which is inextricably connected with what Guinness refers to as a “venture of faith”.