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VENTURE CALL LLC is a leading proponent of the entrepreneurial mindset movement that does ENGAGE individuals and organizations with the opportunity to activate the “chosen-ness” of their calling. Understanding the uniqueness of one’s calling is crucial to avoiding the groupthink, collective mindsets that inhibit creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and other entrepreneurial skills. History is replete with examples of those chosen to cut against the grain, unpopular in their time, but proven to be what their respective era absolutely needed. The authenticity of walking in sync with our unique design provides the world with something that no other person can provide. We are all “in business” as YOU, INC., providing your sphere of influence the power of your purpose. Whether a home-maker, in business, working in a non-profit organization, or serving in a government post, embracing an entrepreneurial mindset will connect you with your ultimate WHY – the most profound motivation for doing what you were designed to do. It is not the casual observer, nor the complacent worker who will typically respond to the venture call, unless there is a life-altering event that disrupts their comfort zone stupor. It is the person, the organization, that is unsettled enough with the status quo that is ready to be transformed by the renewing of their mindset…venturing into their unknown future to whom VENTURE CALL LLC is called. We stand ready to help with your personal and organizational needs.