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mike-photo-e1447220614754Michael “Mike” Mikeworth, founder of Venture Call LLC, has been in the “people-development business” throughout his careers that have spanned the private, governmental and non-profit work sectors. His foundational belief is that each person has a unique blend of gifts and aptitudes which directs his/her motivation to work.

A driving motivation for establishing these businesses is to provide business models that adhere to proven ideals such as honesty, consistency, fairness, quality service and attention to customer needs…proving that even during challenging economic times there is room for hard-working, ethical companies to serve, survive and prosper.  Applying successful organizational and personnel development skills has been his key to the development of and start-up of non-profit and for-profit businesses.

Individual operating style: Overcoming, performance-oriented achiever who chooses to be directly involved as an influencer and impactor of CHANGE.  With regard to:

  • New organization development: a visionary and entrepreneur
  • Existing organizations: an innovator and developer committed to enlarging and making quality improvement

Mike has earned a B.A. – Education from Western Illinois University.  Additional certifications earned:

  • Certified Facilitator of The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program
  • Certified Facilitator of Kauffman FastTrac® NewVenture™, GrowthVenture™, TechVenture™, Planning Your Entrepreneurial Venture™
  • Certified Program Director of Kauffman FastTrac® programs
  • Certified Facilitator of National Fatherhood Initiative LONG DISTANCE DADS and 24-7 DADS


AshleyParkerAshley Parker, entrepreneur and Venture Call team member, has a foundational belief in the ability and right that every person has to excel beyond circumstances and to actualize genuine worth and internal abundance. Ashley’s ongoing experience in cultivating youth advancement, engaging hard to reach populations, and encouraging the full spectrum of individual and family wellness drive her to explore new and effective ways of impacting the world around her. Program facilitation, idea development, implementation and communication are key players in her diverse skill set as well as her growing investment in developing company culture and social responsibility efforts that contribute to productivity, sustainability and employee vitality and speak to the unique brand and identity of an organization.

Ashley has earned a B.S. – Communication from Abilene Christian University.  Additional certifications earned:

  • Certified Facilitator of The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program